Learn how to be clear, concise & compelling on camera
with executive speaker coach for TED & Google, Tom Burke


I'm Tom Burke.

I coach thought leaders to write & deliver TED-level keynotes, nail panel interviews & media spots, and speak concisely on the fly under pressure. 

My coaching work has been featured on Bravo, MTV, and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

I've been honored to serve as an executive coach for Google, speaker coach for the TED Institute, storytelling consultant for authors, speech pathologist/voice teacher for Broadway Singers & Hollywood actors and mentor to voice professionals.

Let me help you become...
Concise on the Fly.


You literally can't afford to keep rambling. 



What Is It

"Concise on the Fly" 
is a 10-day, private executive communication challenge designed to make you more concise and compelling and embody executive presence in any high stakes context.

Who's It For

Current and aspiring leaders, coaches & entrepreneurs who need to speak clearly and concisely on camera with a compelling tone & minimal prep time to customers, clients, social media audiences, senior leaders, or teams.

How You'll Use it

Nail your next:

  • Stand-up
  • All hands
  • 30 sec elevator pitch
  • 1-minute IG reel
  • 2-minute interview 
  • 3-minute TikTok
  • 5-minute FB LIVE
  • ...and more


How It Works

  • You'll meet Tom for a 30-min video chat where he'll personally teach you the signature communication framework he uses with TED speakers and senior leaders to help them be clear, concise & compelling on stage, on-camera, and in-person.
  • Every weekday for 2 weeks, you'll spend 15-25 minutes to apply the framework to a new context or to an upcoming, high-stakes talk. 
  • To help you apply the framework,  you'll have access to Tom for feedback via Google docs, chat or video based upon what works for your crazy schedule.
  • At the end of the challenge, you will be proficient in applying the framework to be clear, concise and compelling in any context!

See my clients on the TED stage...

Your Investment in Yourself


*Payment Plans Available

Before we spend 10-days together
working on your communication skills, let's have
a quick, no-commitment "chemistry check"
via ZOOM to ensure we're a fit.

I'll also answer any questions
you have about the program.

Schedule a 15-min Chat with Tom