Hi! I'm Tom Burke.

I coach thought leaders to write & deliver TED-level keynotes, nail panel interviews & media spots, and speak concisely on the fly under pressure. 

Over the past 20 years as a licensed speech-language pathologist, I've been honored to serve as a speaker coach for TED, executive coach for Google, storytelling consultant for authors, and voice teacher for Broadway singers & Hollywood actors. I'm also the co-owner of a retreat venue in the Hudson Valley New York: Burkestone Estate.

Please explore the site to see how I help current leaders, aspiring leaders & teams/orgs uplevel their communication skills. 

Here are 3 ways I can help you and your teams become more inspiring communicators

TED-Style Events

I'll train your team to write & deliver inspiring 5-min, TED-style "Spark Talks"  at a private, internal event. 


World Class Speaker Coaching

Learn how to use your voice to deliver a more compelling pitch, presentation, panel interview and more. 

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Conciseness &
Exec Presence Training

Learn how to clarify your POV and state it crisply under pressure in any context. 

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"In everything from body posture and hand movement to inflection and tone, Tom has detailed, subtle and amazing insights on how I can be a better communicator. More than everything else, Tom has taught me to really "feel" what I say in a way that makes my presentations genuine, exciting and appealing. "

Sridhar Ramaswamy
Former Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Google



Perhaps you have a bold, audacious vision but need help stating it succinctly and from the heart. 

Perhaps you're already clear and concise leader but need help with being more compelling and influencing difficult stakeholders.

You may regularly do keynotes, panel interviews, or media spots but they always make you sweat. 

Maybe, you feel you're a good communicator but you want to be great and leave a lasting legacy.

Or maybe you're not sure how to lead in this new post-COVID world. You know that your people want to see a more empathic, compassionate side to you and you're not sure how to deliver and communicate in a way that feels authentic and inspiring without being cheezy.

If so, you are not alone. Many publicly facing people, who seem very confident, admit behind closed doors, that they need help. They need a sounding board. That's because it's often "lonely at the top" where the people that work for you and around you rarely give you the type of feedback you actually need. That's where I come in. 


  • We'll meet to assess how your current communication style may be undermining your ability to connect with and inspire your teams, customers or organization. 
  • We'll then develop an action plan to help you step up your emotional intelligence (EQ) and craft comms designed to inspire. 
  • If you have a time-sensitive talk right now, we'll do a thorough line-by-line upgrade to your script or talking points to be clear, concise and compelling. 


Minimum investment is $2500. If you need coaching now, let's chat. We'll have a brief, 15-min, no-pressure "chemistry check" to ensure we're a fit, discuss your goals and how my services work. 


"Tom is an experienced advisor who helped us think about how we express the history and future of Boxed. He helped us pull together our thoughts into a coherent message."

Chieh Huang
CEO of


You need to clarify your POV

You received feedback that you need to uplevel your communication skills, your conciseness, executive presence, and your POV. You are ready to take on new roles within your organization and you know that the leadership and executive presence skills are the vehicle to ascending in your career. 

You want to hone your POV so tightly that you can be concise on the fly in any high stakes communication and position yourself as the go-to thought leader for your team, org or industry.


  • We'll meet 1:1 to assess your current communication skills.
  • We'll talk through all of your big ideas so that we can find the ONE big idea that helps you stand out.
  • We'll then map out a content development plan to position yourself as an expert.


Minimum investment is $2500. If you need coaching now, let's chat. We'll have a brief, 15-min, no-pressure "chemistry check" to ensure we're a fit, discuss your goals, budget and how my services work. 


"At the core of Tom's work is his ability to tease out the true stories of one's work and tie them together powerfully and meaningfully into one cohesive narrative."

Abigail Posner
Head of Strategic Planning, Google


You're at risk of losing your best talent.

You manage or support a team and your team is burnt out.

Retention rates are dwindling. You're at risk of losing your best talent to a competitor. You want to foster more team cohesion and inspiration.

How I'll help:

  • We'll produce and direct an internal TED-style event for your team.
  • Each team member will learn how to write and deliver an inspirational TED-level talk.
  • They'll deliver their talk at a private, online event designed to renew the teams energy and commitment to your mission and each other.


The minimum investment for a team experience is $20k. If you need coaching now, let's chat. We'll have a brief, 15-min, no-pressure "chemistry check" to ensure we're a fit, discuss your goals, budget and how my services work. 


"As one who delivers many speeches, working with Tom on a TED-focused speech was a very good experience. Tom strives to help the speaker and the audience connect. That is the essence of communication."

Musimbi Kanyoro
President and CEO, Global Fund for Women

See some of my clients
on the TED stage. 



Be in the room where it happens.

Choosing a coach is all about resonance. Click the video below to see me in action on SparkTalk TV. See for yourself if we'd be an energetic fit. You'll see me coach my client Tiffany on her talk. It's an inspiring journey to use bone broth to help save a community ravaged by Ebola.

If you'd like to work on your upcoming talk, book, interview or would like speaker coaching for your team's virtual summit, email me directly at [email protected]


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