"My goal is to help you unlock your authentic, powerful voice and share your unique message with the world."
- Tom 



In A Man's World

In this new Bravo TV social experiment,
Academy Award-winning special effects artists
Dave & Lou Elsey, movement coach @escojouley  and voice, speech & language coach, Tom Burke help four unique women explore the world of gender bias by going undercover as men. NOW PLAYING.


Vocal coach Tom Burke and movement coach Esco Jouléy help the participants change the way they walk and talk, so they won’t be recognized. In a Man’s World is at its best during those scenes, primarily because Tom and Esco are such excellent teachers and observers. (I want an entire show with just them, please!)"

Reality Blurred

Speaker Coaching for Tech Execs

Through 1:1 and small group coaching, Tom teaches you the exact steps to write and deliver a world class talk for any context. The program includes the exact exercises and resources Tom has used to coach Google Execs and over 22 TED speakers. You'll have the opportunity to coach with Tom directly on wordsmithing and delivery so you can take the stage with confidence. Learn more about individual executive speaker coaching or conference event planning retainers here

"Tom Burke and I have been working together for close to two years now. He has made my public presentation skills much, much better. In everything from body posture and hand movement to inflection and tone, he has detailed, subtle and amazing insight on how I can be better. More than everything else, Tom has taught me to really "feel" what I say in a way that makes my presentations genuine, exciting and appealing. (That he can do this with someone who would rather write software or poetry than speak to 5000 people is a further testament to his skill and ability.) Thank you, Tom! "

Srdihar Ramaswamy
Venture Capitalist, Former Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Google

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on the TED stage. 



Finding Your Voice Again

Ths online course is designed for singers who are struggling with vocal tension & fatigue and features step-by- step exercises for building more vocal power and consistency with less effort.

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Tom Burke

is a voice coach for Hollywood Actors and Broadway singers; strategic storytelling coach for Google Execs and TED speakers; speech-language pathologist; Estill Mentor & Course Instructor; and co-owner of Burkestone Estate in Hudson, NY, a destination for thought leaders to escape the noise, get clear about their big ideas and leave inspired with words designed to change the world. I bet we both loathe email so if you are interested in working together let's chat directly via FB or LinkedIN. 


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