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Let’s face it. Upcoming meetings can be … freaky.  Especially when we’re the ones leading.

What will happen? 

What will I say? 

What will THEY say? 

How should I say it? 

I’ll just wing it. 

This week at TBVS, I shared some helpful tips for what to do before, during and after your meeting so you can walk in feeling in control and walk out feeling productive. If you missed them, here they are!

  1. They say 90% of it is just showing up. So if that's the case, you need to watch this video about getting out of your head and into the room so your ideas have a fighting chance. 
  2. Sometimes it’s better to just get to the point. There. I said it. 
  3. It's not really about you; it's about them. Instead of using your energy to worry about what you're going to say at your meeting, ask yourself these 3 questions to help you get a grip on how to present your ideas in a way that will be interesting, impactful and helpful to your listener.
  4. Retrospect is a helpful tool when learning to be a better communicator. In the moment, especially if we're nervous, it can be hard to tell where we could have been more concise or clear. Listening back can help us see exactly where we hit our marks or maybe need some more work.


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Have a great week.



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