Uncategorized Jul 01, 2023

Hey folks!

As speakers, we can sometimes get so caught up in what we’re saying, that we forget that the magic is really in how we say it. 

To deliver our messages in an engaging, inspiring and memorable way, variation is key. 

This week at TBVS, I shared some tips and tricks for using variation to strengthen your communication. If you missed them, take a look at these videos that I made just for you!

  1. When we’re presenting or saying something important, we tend to think that speaking slowly is the way to go, but this could be what’s putting your peeps to sleep.
  2. Get the secret sauce for speed.
  3. Playing around with which words to emphasize can help you steer clear of a monotone delivery, and, bonus, it can also help you keep it fresh as a presenter!  


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