I help tech execs write & deliver
VC pitches, product launch keynotes, & TED talks
designed to inspire audiences and drive results.

Hi Folks, my name is Tom Burke.
Since 2008, I've served as communication advisor to leaders at Google, TED speakers and as a guest lecturer at Columbia Business School.
I can also be currently seen on Bravo TV's new social experiment, "In A Man's World," which focuses on  diversity, equity and inclusion.
I use tools pulled from my work with Hollywood actors and Broadway singers to help busy tech execs like you, learn to embody powerful, authentic storytelling skills.
With programs designed to accommodate even the busiest of schedules, my goal is to help you be clear, concise and compelling quickly, under stress with even the most difficult stakeholder. To learn more about me, check out my full site here

""Tom Burke and I have been working together for close to two years now. He has made my public presentation skills much, much better. In everything from body posture and hand movement to inflection and tone, he has detailed, subtle and amazing insight on how I can be better. More than everything else, Tom has taught me to really "feel" what I say in a way that makes my presentations genuine, exciting and appealing. (That he can do this with someone who would rather write software or poetry than speak to 5000 people is a further testament to his skill and ability.) Thank you, Tom!" "

Sridhar Ramaswamy
Venture Capitalist, former Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Google

"Tom is an experienced advisor who helped us think about how we express the history and future of Boxed. He helped us pull together our thoughts into a coherent message."

Chieh Huang
CEO, Boxed.com

"At the core of Tom's work is his ability to tease out the true stories of one's work and tie them together powerfully and meaningfully into one cohesive narrative"

Abigail Posner
Director of Strategy, Effectiveness, Content and Production
at the Brand Unit, Google

Coaching Options & OKRs

Prep Your Presentation

Min. Engagement $1500

Have a one-time, high-stakes presentation? 

Learn how to write & deliver
world class:

Keynote presentations

On-Camera Livestreams

TED Talks

VC Pitches


Master Your Meetings

Min. Engagement $2500

Want to improve your executive presence and communication skills?

Learn how to:

Be concise on the fly

Improve your tone of voice

Embody executive presence

Tell a compelling team story 

Foster an inclusive, effective team


Create Kick A$$ Conferences

Min. Engagement $15,000

Planning a conference?

Learn how to:

Achieve the highest audience scores. 

Develop compelling keynote, mainstage and breakout content. 

Best practices for panel interviews & fireside chats

How to effectively emcee an event

Position your product without appearing salesy



See some of Tom's clients
on the TED stage. 


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