Write & Deliver a
World Class Talk




It starts with an idea...

We begin with ideation sessions designed to help you get clear about your big idea (or ideas) and distill them into a cohesive vision.




That is uniquely your own.

Then begins a highly personal, intellectual and emotional process that asks you to dig deep to unearth the deep insights that only you can bring to the table. 




A story structure emerges...

Which builds upon the tried and true "Hero's Journey." 





We cut.

Any thing that isn't clear and concise.




We Rehearse...

To help you memorize
and take the words off the page
until you can...




Deliver with humility, humor and humanity.

Move the audience with more than words.
Use your voice and body language to help tell the real story.





Every step of the way. From "shitty first draft" to the moment before the show to the standing ovation. 

"As one who delivers many speeches, working with Tom on a TED focused speech was a very good experience. Tom strives to help the speaker and the audience connect. That is the essence of communication."

Musimbi Kanyoro
CEO of Global Women's Fund

"Tom is an experienced advisor who helped us think about how we express the history and future of Boxed. He helped us pull together our thoughts into a coherent message."

Chieh Huang
CEO of Boxed.Com

"Tom Burke and I have been working together for close to two years now. He has made my public presentation skills much, much better. In everything from body posture and hand movement to inflection and tone, he has detailed, subtle and amazing insight on how I can be better. More than everything else, Tom has taught me to really "feel" what I say in a way that makes my presentations genuine, exciting and appealing. (That he can do this with someone who would rather write software or poetry than speak to 5000 people is a further testament to his skill and ability.) Thank you, Tom!"

Sridhar Ramaswamy
Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Google

""At the core of Tom's work is his ability to tease out the true stories of one's work and tie them together powerfully and meaningfully into one cohesive narrative.""

Abigail Posner
Head of Strategic Planning, Google
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